PDF Progressive Nation By Jerome Pohlen

PDF Progressive Nation By Jerome Pohlen
PDF Progressive Nation By Jerome Pohlen

A Selection of the Progressive Book ClubFrom the sites of famous sit-ins, marches, and strikes to the locales of events that led to landmark Supreme Court decisions, this inspiring travel guide journeys to more than 400 of the places in the United States that are important to progressive politics. Organized by state, it includes the stories of hundreds of women and men of action who, through creativity and hard work, changed American society for the better. Visit the battlegrounds and celebrate the victories of ci

Vil libertarians, feminists, African Americans, gays, lesbians, environmentalists, labor organizers, and media activists. Make a stop at the home of abolitionists Levi and Catharine Coffin, Grand Central Station on the Underground Railroad. Check out Alice?s Restaurant Church, the namesake of Arlo Guthrie?s song protesting the draft. Learn about the first women?s convention held by Elizabeth Cady Stanton in Seneca Falls at the Women?s Hall of Fame. See the site of the Haymarket Riot in Chicago where laborers protested working conditions. Join the many people who pay homage at the grave site of Leonard Matlovich, the gay Vietnam War veteran who fought the U.S. military?and won?when he was wrongfully discharged for homosexuality. Each entry features a listing of books and websites for further information, making this an essential lefty resource. For liberal-minded adventurous travelers, educational family vacationers, and progressives who want to know their history, this book will inspire them to do more than just cast a vote.


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