PDF Carolina Gold By Dorothy Love

PDF Carolina Gold By Dorothy Love
PDF Carolina Gold By Dorothy Love

The war is over, but at FairhavenPlantation, Charlotte's struggle has just begun.Following herfather?s death, Charlotte Fraser returns to Fairhaven, her family?s riceplantation in the South Carolina Lowcountry. With no one else to rely upon,smart, independent Charlotte is determined to resume cultivating the superiorstrain of rice called Carolina Gold.  Butthe war has left the plantation in ruins, her father?s former bondsmen arefree, and workers an

D equipment are in short supply.To make endsmeet, Charlotte reluctantly agrees to tutor the two young daughters of herwidowed neighbor and heir to Willowood Plantation, Nicholas Betancourt.  Just as her friendship with Nick deepens, heembarks upon a quest to prove his claim to Willowood and sends Charlotte on adangerous journey that uncovers a long-held family secret, and threatenseverything she holds dear. Inspired bythe life of a 19th-century woman rice farmer, Carolina Gold pays tribute to the hauntingly beautiful Lowcountryand weaves together  mystery, romance,and historical detail, bringing to life the story of one young woman?s struggleto restore her ruined world.A native of west Tennessee, Dorothy Love makes her home in the Texas hill country with herhusband and their two golden retrievers. An accomplished author, Dorothy madeher debut in Christian fiction with the Hickory Ridge novels.


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