Kindle Free Valence By Susan Hawthorne

Kindle Free Valence By Susan Hawthorne
Kindle Free Valence By Susan Hawthorne

Valencein chemistry, the number of bonds in anelement?s atomin linguistics, the number of argumentscontrolled by a verbal predicatein psychology, the emotional chargesomething has In this remarkable annotated poem, Susan Hawthorne commits to words the horrors of war that have been left unspok

En. She shatters the conspiracy of silence and dares to draw links between militarism, fundamentalism and the sex industry. She rails against the violence of war and contemplates the link between place and the history of war that is infused into the earth. With a fresh examination of her surroundings, she considers the endless cycle of war that survives on the persistence of hope?hope of an end to war, hope of an end to suffering. This is a hope that Susan Hawthorne does not ultimately share, but her courage in telling the truth about war through her poetry is a gift for readers.


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