Ebook The One Jesus Loves By Robert Crosby

Ebook The One Jesus Loves By Robert Crosby
Ebook The One Jesus Loves By Robert Crosby

How close can we get to Jesus? How close do youwant to get? Six circles of relationship formed around Jesus in his time on earth. In theoutermost circle, the Crowds who were curious. Next, the Five Thousand who wereneedy, while the Seventy worked and served in Jesus? ministry; then came theTwelve who walked with Jesus, the Three who suffered and celebrated with him,and finally the One who sat beside him at the Last Supper. Jesus? closestfollower listened more closely than any other, and recognized

The Savior whenno one else did. Scripture promises if youmove closer to God, he will move closer to you. Wherever you are in yourpursuit of Christ, you can draw closer still. In The One Jesus Loves, youwill learn about each of the six circles, and what it takes to move further in,closer and closer to Jesus. Which circle are you intoday? Jesus is calling you closer."After reading The OneJesus Loves, you?ll not only understand how to deepen your relationshipwith God by drawing closer into His ?circle of intimacy,? you?ll also see howbecoming a closer follower of Christ can improve every other relationship inyour life."?Mark Batterson, author of The Circle Maker and lead pastor of National CommunityChurch?This book itself will be a gift to you. Robert Crosby has notjust studied the costly grace of Jesus; he's lived it. This grace is a pool offathomless depths. The deeper we go, the more healing we find.??John Ortberg,author of Who Is This Man? andsenior pastor of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church


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