PDF Secrets of the Cat By Barbara Holland

PDF Secrets of the Cat By Barbara Holland
PDF Secrets of the Cat By Barbara Holland

What is really going on behind thoseluminous feline eyes?Affectionate yet aloof, intelligentand inquisitive yet dangerouslycareless, the more-or-lessdomesticated house catintrigues us as no other animal can.Now Barbara Holland offers cat loversa fascinating, funny, and refreshinglycandid look at their feline companions:their

History, lore, and secrets, and theircomplicated relations with people andwith each other.Secrets of the Cat is a livelyappreciation of cats as we know andlove them, with witty analysis and freshobservations about felines both high andlow. Here are Winston Churchill?s gingertom, who attended cabinet meetings;Teddy Roosevelt?s cat, Slippers, whocame to dinner; and even the author?sown George II, who was bitten by amouse and adopted by a blue jay. BarbaraHolland?s warm, vivid speculations oncats? lives and times?on their social,psychic, and mythological legacy, and theirimpenetrable mysteries?will give readersa delightful cat?s-eye view of the world


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