Ebook Paper Politics By Josh MacPhee

Ebook Paper Politics By Josh MacPhee
Ebook Paper Politics By Josh MacPhee

With a widely eclectic variety of protest art in mediums such as relief, lithography, collagraph, and photography, this major collection of contemporary politically engaged printmaking showcases art that uses themes of social justice and global equity to engage co

Mmunity members in conversation. Based on an art exhibition that has traveled to more than a dozen cities in North America and including many do-it-yourself samples, this eye opening book contains works from more than 200 international artists. From the well established?Sue Coe, Swoon, Carlos Cortez?to street artists, rock poster makers, and up-and-comers such as Favianna Rodriguez and Chris Stain, this diverse collection is the work of artists who felt the need to respond to the monumental trends and events of modern politics


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