Ebook 1,000 Things to Love About America By Brent Bowers

Ebook 1,000 Things to Love About America By Brent Bowers
Ebook 1,000 Things to Love About America By Brent Bowers

From jazz to the Gettysburg Address to baseball to the White Castle hamburger?here are the 1,000 greatest things about America!The Pilgrims called their new nation "a shining city upon a hill." Abraham Lincoln praised it as "the last, best hope of mankind." In times of boom or bust, this remarkable land we know as America has been a beacon of hope illuminating the world. Now the authors of 1,000 Years, 1,000 People: Ranking the Men and Women Who Shaped the Millennium have teame

D up once again to pay unabashed tribute to the greatness of our country?in a fascinating, fun, and informative celebration of the concepts, inventions, institutions, icons, history, social trends, geographical wonders, and consumer products that have made the U.S.A. such an awesomely amazing place!The Constitution ? Mount Rushmore ? Backyard Decks ? Monopoly Internet Shopping ? Duct Tape ? Yogi Berra ? The Super Bowl Ultimate Frisbee ? The Fifth Amendment ? The PTA ? The Indy 500 Freedom of the Press ? Hollywood ? Sesame Street ? ChapStick Poker ? The Wizard of Oz ? Fast Food ? The Cleveland Orchestra The Barn Owl ? Glacier National Park ? Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Patchwork Quilts ? Soap Operas ? Joy of Cooking ? West Point A Streetcar Named Desire ? The Florida Keys ? The Red Cross Wikipedia ? Deodorant ? The Hubble Space Telescope ? Grizzly Bears The Beach Boys ? The White House ? Recycling ? Meat Loaf . . . and many, many more Things to Love About America


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