ePub The Power-Based Life By Mike Flynt

ePub The Power-Based Life By Mike Flynt
ePub The Power-Based Life By Mike Flynt

The two greatest days in our lives are the day we?re born and the day we realize what we were born for.Do you know what you were born for? For years Mike Flynt?a college football player turned insurance salesman?certainly didn?t. Then one monumental day he stumbled into what he now believes is the career he was made for and, in turn, the life he was meant to live.The Power-Based Life was developed out of Mik

E?s desire to help others discover who God created them to be and, consequently, the work they were designed to do. But what exactly is a power base? As Mike explains through heartfelt personal accounts, notable sports stories, and biblical references, a power base is the center of personal strength used to meet challenges that, once discovered and maximized, will lead to a more significant, satisfying, and successful life.He offers twelve strategies designed to tap into your specific points of personal strength, such as Cultivate a Winning Attitude, Defy the Skeptics, and Practice Radical Mercy. These principles empower you to rise above life?s challenges and identify and embrace your goals and dreams. Find true meaning in your work and how you can impact the world by strengthening your body, mind, and spirit


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